Success Stories

My name is Baligaya Geoffrey am 19 years old.  I joined In need Home when I was 6 years old. I did not have a chance of living with my parents. I only knew my mother who also died when I was still young.
At the age of 5, I came to my uncle in Kampala since my mother was also sickly and could not care for me and my sibling. Life at my uncle’s place was also difficult because he was never around since he used to work from out of town. He could only afford to give me 2kgs of maize +Read more....

My name is Kamahoro Irene i completed Senior four but my parents could not raise my school fees to continue with my studies. So I had to stop at this level. 
In 2013 In Need Home picked me up when my hope was all gone since I was in the village facing a lot of challenges as a youth not in school. I managed to go to a vocation school where I had my dream come true. The organization paid my tuition and other school requirements.  I did a tailoring course for 2 years and completed. +Read more....

About Us

In Need Home is a non-governmental grass-roots organization dedicated to the care and protection of orphans and other vulnerable children to realize their full potential in life. In Need Home found out that it is vital to improve the conditions of their families.
INH interventions in the slums, focuses on the empowerment of the families especially the women who shoulder most of the responsibilities of the family.
The targeted groups are the children, the youth and the women but the primary targeted group is the children who are the entry point to the entire house hold for a bigger scope of service.
In Need Home visualizes a world in which children are free from poverty and live in happiness; a world where every child can receive adequate education; a world where children, even those born in a disadvantaged part of the world, can be physically, mentally, and emotionally healthy to realize their full potentials in life. In Need Home is making this phenomenon a reality.

The organization uses holistic approach in addressing issues related with children rights.

To improve the lives of the most vulnerable and marginalized children by promoting a supportive, protective and enabling environment for them to be able to realize their full potentials in life.

A society where all children fully enjoy their rights.