Success Stories

My name is Baligaya Geoffrey am 19 years old.  I joined In need Home when I was 6 years old. I did not have a chance of living with my parents. I only knew my mother who also died when I was still young.
At the age of 5, I came to my uncle in Kampala since my mother was also sickly and could not care for me and my sibling. Life at my uncle’s place was also difficult because he was never around since he used to work from out of town. He could only afford to give me 2kgs of maize +Read more....

My name is Kamahoro Irene i completed Senior four but my parents could not raise my school fees to continue with my studies. So I had to stop at this level. 
In 2013 In Need Home picked me up when my hope was all gone since I was in the village facing a lot of challenges as a youth not in school. I managed to go to a vocation school where I had my dream come true. The organization paid my tuition and other school requirements.  I did a tailoring course for 2 years and completed. +Read more....

Sponsoring a Child At Inneed Home

What is child sponsorship?

Sponsoring a child is a wonderful way to help change the life of a child who is in need and bring hope to his or her future. Supporting a child through the Sandra Barbadoro Children Sponsorship Programme (SBCSP) will give you the chance to provide a life changing opportunity for a child in need as well as build a relationship with them if you wish.

As a sponsor, what will I receive throughout the year?

We will send you a sponsorship package by email (or hard copy on request) which includes a photo and profile of your child, as well as other information you may request. You can also expect to receive

  1. A hand-written letter from the child,
  2. The child’s photograph (Updated every 6 months)
  3. Scanned copies of the child's report card and reports on the child's overall well-being (if he/she is already in school)
  4. Annual News letter from In Need Home

Costs of sponsoring a child.
Child sponsorship in a primary school

  1. In a day school: $450 or Euros 350 or £293 per year.
  2. In a boarding school: $550 or Euros 430 or £360 per year
  3. Child sponsorship in a Secondary school (We have only boarding partner schools)
  4. Sponsorship costs $600 or Euros 470 or £390 per year.

How does sponsorship work?

The goal of Sandra Barbadoro Children Sponsorship Programme is to equip vulnerable children to step confidently into the future.
Sponsors can either make a one-time donation or a recurring annual donation. Re occurring donations are most welcome, we believe that sponsors get to see the positive impact they have on a child over several years. Your contributions solely focus on the child’s upkeep, this includes;

  1. Clothing – shoes, school uniforms and casual clothes.
  2. Direct school fees payment to well performing partnering schools.
  3. Education supplies - textbooks, calculators, notebooks, pencils and pens,
  4. Study aid - Additional Educational workshops, youth programs, holiday schools,
  5. Medical Care: This is for when a child gets sick, they can access good quality healthcare.
  6. Providing Food: Most children living in Namuwongo slum are denied food this is due to high costs of using toilets as they don’t have their own

When you sign up to become a sponsor, you join a family of special people around the world who share your commitment to support and empower children in need. Sponsoring a child is a great way to make a long term difference in Namuwongo Uganda. At In Need Home we believe that sponsorships are life transforming for both the child and the sponsor.

How do I send the funds for sponsorship?

In Need Home has opened a Bank account that allows you to transfer money from wherever you are in the world. After discussions with the Executive director in regards to the child you wish to sponsor the administrator will contact you with the details of the account.
Thank you for taking your time to read this, we hope to hear from you.