Success Stories

My name is Baligaya Geoffrey am 19 years old.  I joined In need Home when I was 6 years old. I did not have a chance of living with my parents. I only knew my mother who also died when I was still young.
At the age of 5, I came to my uncle in Kampala since my mother was also sickly and could not care for me and my sibling. Life at my uncle’s place was also difficult because he was never around since he used to work from out of town. He could only afford to give me 2kgs of maize +Read more....

My name is Kamahoro Irene i completed Senior four but my parents could not raise my school fees to continue with my studies. So I had to stop at this level. 
In 2013 In Need Home picked me up when my hope was all gone since I was in the village facing a lot of challenges as a youth not in school. I managed to go to a vocation school where I had my dream come true. The organization paid my tuition and other school requirements.  I did a tailoring course for 2 years and completed. +Read more....

Our History

2003 -2010

  • In Need Home was started in March on 19th 2003 in Kamuwokya- Kifumbira slum to provide home support and care for the HIV/Aids patients especially children.
  • In Need Home attained a community based organisation (CBO) status in June 2003
  • INH was founded in March 2003 and duly registered under the laws of Uganda in December 2003 with the registration (Number S5914/4665).
  • In Need Home shifted its operational office to Namuwongo slum started working with Hospitals to provide home based care and support.
  • The first group of Orphans and other vulnerable children were recruited on feeding program after establishing that because of lack of toilets, the available toilets charged a fee therefore the care givers denied food to children because of fear for them to go to a toilet.
  • In 2004 In Need Home got it’s KCCA certificate as an implementing partner
  • Basic informal education was integrated with the feeding program because after breakfast and lunch, children would become redundant since they were Out of School Children (OOSC). We could not send them back to their homes because they would instead go to collect and sell scrap and it was unsafe for them.
  • A tragedy happened at In Need Home when a volunteer from Canada(Sandra Barbadoro) who had spent a few weeks in Uganda teaching the children under the care of In Need Home, was killed by a hit and run car on Kampala road. It was a shock to In Need Home entire community. Later the children program was named after her- Sandra Barbadoro Children Sponsorship Program (SBCSP)
  • Partnerships with Schools, Local Companies, Local Government and other civil societies were developed. The first partnerships were with St. Henry Primary School Muyenga, Capital Shoppers Super Market, MTK Uganda by then it was Coopers U ltd, Barclays Bank, and Centenary Training Centre Nsambya among others.
  • Through Uwel Uwingane who was in Concordia University, quite a number of volunteers from Canada after Sandra came to In Need Home. Some of them became In Need Home’s beads ambassadors who would sell paper beads made by women from Namuwongo slum in Canada and send the money to Uganda.
  • In Need Home started enterprise development for the care givers of Orphans and other vulnerable Children living in Namuwongo slum. They were trained indifferent skills including pastries, crafts, paper beads making, tailoring etc.
  • In 2006 In Need Home obtained a legal status of Non-Government Organisation. This is a nomenclature for Not for Profit Organisation.
  • In 2007 In Need Home became a member of Uganda National NGO Forum (UNGOF)
  • In 2010, In Need Home got 1ST level quality management certificate from Quality Management Mechanism (QUAM)
  • In Need Home Intensified synergies. Different Loose coalitions campaigning against abuse of children rights were joined for instance, Child labour coalition, child trafficking, slum stake holders among others. More partners joined the In Need Home.  They include Kampala International Church (KIC), Centenary Bank, Rainbow International School and other individuals.
  • 30 youth graduate indifferent vocational skills

2010 to date

  • The Founder of In Need Home Ms  Anny Ngoga Bwengye gets two awards
  • Vocational Service Award (2014) from Rotaract Club of International Health Sciences University
  • Vocational Service Award (2015) from Rotaract Club of Kyambogo University
  • 33 youth in-risk and at – risk given vocational training and graduated.
  • Tracer study carried out and findings proved that 60 trained youth were all actively employed.
  • 3930 children had passed through the care of In Need Home.
  • In 2010 Snacks for Education (S4E) Social enterprise was started to sell snacks in order to raise school fees for orphans and other vulnerable children. Every year it supports 30 children in school. It started with a capital base of 400,000 in Uganda shillings in 2010 by 2014 it had increased to 10,000,000. All the proceeds go to payment of school fees for orphans and other vulnerable children.
  • Village Savings and Loans Association (VSLAs) in an urban setting was started in Namuwongo slum with 20 people in 2015 and by 2016, the number had increased to 71members.
  • Whistle project was launched by In Need Home as a measure to reduce number of defilement cases in Namuwongo, Kibuli and Wabigalo slums. This was done in partnership with International Women Organisation who bought whistles and Attacked Not Defeated who provide Safety Initiative Training children workshops before distribution of whistles.

Opening up for partnerships both local and International.